Individual solutions

Tailored solutions for maximum plant performance: The PaintBlock and its focal areas

Our tailor-made filtration solutions, such as the PaintBlock, are focused on various focal areas in order to meet the requirements of our customers. Our focus is on maximizing downtime in order to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your systems. Through targeted filter technologies, we protect your systems from contamination and wear, which extends maintenance intervals.

Efficient particle separation and emission control: The variety of filter cubes and cardboard filters

The separation of particles is a central aspect of our filter cubes in the area of BImSch and emissions protection. We offer a variety of combinable filter media in our cardboard filters, tailored to your specific requirements. Our filter cubes are available in various dimensions to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Holistic filtration concepts: From concept to implementation

We rely on flexible development that is tailored exactly to the needs of our customers. From design to implementation, we stand for individual and effective solutions that optimize your filtration processes and ensure the quality of your end products. Our analysis not only relates to our own products and thus the first filter stage, but in order to harmonize your entire filter route, we also include all downstream filter stages and have a holistic view of the performance of your system.

Common questions

Filter types

All types of filters presented help improve the quality of painted surfaces by minimizing the number of particles in the air. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are essential to ensure consistently high performance and excellent painting results. We would be happy to provide you with an offer that meets your requirements after we have provided you with comprehensive advice.

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