The PaintGrid is a pre-separator or centrifugal separator for our PaintBlock and plays a decisive role, especially when sticky and fast-building paints are used.

Our PaintGrid® pre-separator

Modular flexibility for a wide range of application scenarios

Thanks to its modular design, the PaintGrid helps to effectively reduce filter costs as a pre-separator. When used as a pre-separator, our PaintGrid offers various combinations with all PaintBlock variants. Depending on the paint system, various versions of the centrifugal separator can be used here. Our spectrum ranges from M to L to XXL.

Efficient pre-collection for cost savings and extended functionality

Our centrifugal separator is therefore an efficient pre-separator and cost-saving element in our filter system, which extends the functionality of the PaintBlock and makes handling easier for our customers. Both the PaintGrid and the PaintBlock can be optionally equipped with a fleece seal. This saves you the hassle of masking and allows you to simply use and start our products without further reprocessing.

Common questions

Filter types

All types of filters presented help improve the quality of painted surfaces by minimizing the number of particles in the air. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are essential to ensure consistently high performance and excellent painting results. We would be happy to provide you with an offer that meets your requirements after we have provided you with comprehensive advice.

How do I use the PaintGrid?

The PaintGrid is a very versatile impact separator. The PaintGrid can be used both horizontally as a floor installation and can be integrated vertically into an extraction wall.

Warum sollte ich das PaintGrid einsetzen?

Das PaintGrid ist ein hocheffizienter Prallabscheider, der Lackpartikel aus der Luft abscheidet und somit einer möglichen Lackverschleppung effektiv entgegenwirkt. Das PaintGrid besticht durch seine einfache Handhabung und seinen großen Anteil am Schutz der nachgelagerten Filterstufen.

How do I set up the PaintGrid?

The PaintGrid impact separator can be delivered fully assembled and requires no further assembly measures. It is also possible to deliver the PaintGrid in its raw form, i.e. unassembled. Because of the simple and, above all, quick folding technology behind our paint grid, it can be set up within seconds and immediately integrated into your filter wall. After that, the PaintGrid, like the PaintBlock, only needs to be masked as an impact separator and first filter stage and is immediately ready for use. It is also possible to provide our PaintGrid with a circumferential fleece seal. This saves you the hassle of masking and can start operation immediately after installation.

Where is the PaintGrid used?

The PaintGrid is used as an exhaust air filter system in dry separation. Our impact separator is always used when paint particles of all types need to be separated and followed by a further filter stage downstream.

How do I dispose of the PaintGrid?

Appropriate disposal when treated depends on the paints used and local municipal regulations. If you have already disposed of your filters as residual waste, you can continue to do so. The usual waste code for this is 080112 paint and varnish waste with the exception of those falling under 080111 (paint and varnish waste containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances). In any case, the classification depends on the type of paint used. If your paint is considered toxic due to the solvent content, the filter can be dried. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions and disposal instructions in accordance with the paint manufacturer's DIN safety data sheet.

What makes the PaintGrid impact separator stand out?

Our PaintGrid impact separator was designed to reliably remove paint fog in a wide variety of consistencies and to relieve the load on the underlying filter, thus allowing it to have a longer service life. This is done by separating the first rough particles by the PaintGrid, meaning that only a smaller part arrives in the actual filter system and can then be stored efficiently.

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