The PaintBlock is an innovative filter cube, which was developed by us at NeuFilter GmbH in the form of a cardboard filter. Specially designed for removing paint mist or paint from process air, our filter cube is used for filtration in painting systems.

Increasing profitability

The strength of this filter lies in its individuality, as it can be tailored to any application and application. We offer various versions of our filter cube, all with the aim of increasing the efficiency and safety of your system.

Tailored filter solutions for various applications

An outstanding feature of the PaintBlock system in the form of a cardboard filter is its versatility. The various variants are manufactured in Germany and are characterized by short and reliable delivery times.

Versatile and efficient cardboard filters for paint removal

The PaintBlock is part of our first-class cardboard filters, which also include products such as the PaintGrid, which serves as a pre-separator for the PaintBlock. Our solutions are designed to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your paint separation in dry filtration using filter cubes. Both the PaintBlock and the PaintGrid can be optionally equipped with a fleece seal. This saves you the hassle of masking and allows you to simply use and start our products without further reprocessing.

Common questions

Filter types

All types of filters presented help improve the quality of painted surfaces by minimizing the number of particles in the air. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are essential to ensure consistently high performance and excellent painting results. We would be happy to provide you with an offer that meets your requirements after we have provided you with comprehensive advice.

What makes the PaintBlock filter cube stand out?

Our self-developed PaintBlock filter cube was designed to reliably separate and store paint fog in a wide variety of consistencies. The comparatively low pressure loss from start to finish in relation to the airflow and the load of the filter should be emphasized.

How do I set up the PaintBlock?

The PaintBlock is delivered fully assembled and requires no further set-up measures. There is only a tear window at the front and back, which protects the filter from dirt or the like on its way to you. As soon as these are removed, the PaintBlock can be integrated into the suction wall and, after masking the wall, operation can be started immediately. It is also possible to provide our PaintBlock with a circumferential fleece seal. This saves you the hassle of masking and can start operation immediately after installation.

How do I dispose of the PaintBlock?

Appropriate disposal when treated depends on the paints used and local municipal regulations. If you have already disposed of your filters as residual waste, you can continue to do so. The usual waste code for this is 080112 paint and varnish waste with the exception of those falling under 080111 (paint and varnish waste containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances). In any case, the classification depends on the type of paint used. If your paint is considered toxic due to the solvent content, the filter can be dried. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions and disposal instructions in accordance with the paint manufacturer's DIN safety data sheet.

Why should I use the PaintBlock?

The PaintBlock is a highly efficient filter system that filters paint particles out of the air and thus effectively counteracts possible paint carryover.

Where is the PaintBlock used?

The PaintBlock has its home as an exhaust filter system in dry separation. Our filter cube is always used when paint particles of all types need to be separated and stored. The main area of application of the PaintBlock is in solvent and water-based paint applications.

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