Explanations of terms

Separation capacity
The ability of a filter, filter cube, filter box, or cardboard filter to remove particles of a specific size from the air.

exhaust filter
Filters that are able to remove harmful emissions and particles from the exhaust air of a paint plant.

Pressure difference
The difference in pressure before and after the filter, filter cube, filter box or a cardboard filter, which is often an indicator of the condition of the filter.

The emission or release of substances into the environment, in particular harmful or contaminated substances.

fine filter
Filters with very small pores that can remove even the smallest particles from the air.

filter efficiency
A measure of how well a filter, filter cube, filter box, or cardboard filter is able to remove particles or contaminants from the air.

filter medium
The material or substance used in a filter to remove particles or contaminants from air or a liquid.

The process by which solid particles are removed from a liquid or gas, in this case from the air in a paint plant.

Manufacturer recommendations
Advice or guidelines given by a product or machine manufacturer to ensure that the product or machine is used correctly and safely.

The process of adapting and integrating a new system, product, filter, filter cube, filter box or carton filter into an existing plant or process.

painting technology
A process in which surfaces are finished by applying liquid or powdered coating materials.

The length of time that a product or component functions efficiently before it needs to be replaced.

air filtration
The process by which unwanted particles are removed from the air, often through physical barriers such as filters, filter cubes, filter boxes, or cardboard filters.

The excess paint that is sprayed/released into the environment rather than onto the target object during the painting process.

Overspray filter/ paint removal
Specially developed filters, filter cubes, filter boxes or cardboard filters, which primarily collect and bind excess paint. This prevents contamination of the underlying components at an early stage and achieves a high degree of prefiltration.

The external factors or conditions in which a plant or machine is operated, such as temperature, humidity and dust pollution.

Intake air filter
Filters that are used to deliver clean and particle-free air into rooms or paint booths.