Optimum structure for longer service life: The technology of the paper filter

Our PaintMesh is free from substances that interfere with paint. Due to the structure and arrangement of its various layers, the paper filter is optimally designed for paint removal.

Longer service life due to deep loading

This means a significantly longer service life of our PaintMesh compared to glass fiber media, for example, as the filter can be very deeply loaded with overspray.

Common questions

Filter types

All types of filters presented help improve the quality of painted surfaces by minimizing the number of particles in the air. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are essential to ensure consistently high performance and excellent painting results. We would be happy to provide you with an offer that meets your requirements after we have provided you with comprehensive advice.

Why should I use PaintMesh?

Depending on the application, paper mesh filters can protect the filter behind them, as they remove the first large particles or even dirt in the air.

How do I process the PaintMesh?

Filter in its simplest form, a filter medium packaged as a cut is an important element in paint separation. You can either use pre-assembled rolls, which you simply cut lengthwise yourself, or you can simply order ready-made cuts of the desired material in length and width. Either clamped into a frame provided for this purpose or loose as a “sacrificial mat” or even “protective mat” in front of the suction point, these paper mesh filters are an essential component of paint separation and make a decisive contribution to harmonizing your filter path.

How do I dispose of the PaintMesh?

Appropriate disposal when treated depends on the paints used and local municipal regulations. If you have already disposed of your filters as residual waste, you can continue to do so. The usual waste code for this is 080112 paint and varnish waste with the exception of those falling under 080111 (paint and varnish waste containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances). In any case, the classification depends on the type of paint used.

Where is PaintMesh used?

PaintMesh in a wide variety of shapes and dimensions is required in many areas of paint removal. By building up various structures and dense fiber materials, they effectively capture particles and contaminants.

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